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Training and professional integration

RESET project

Taking into account the extent of the needs in Guinea-Bissau, in the absence of a national strategy, ESSOR has been developing training and vocational insertion activities in Guinea-Bissau since 1997.… ...
Guinea Bissau may 2024

"Particip'Action Innovation" Program

Ranked respectively 186th, 180th and 177th out of 189 countries in terms of HDI (UNDP, 2018), Chad, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau are among the 12 poorest countries in the world. These… ...
Multipays june 2025
Training and professional integration


According to World Bank estimates, the unemployment rate for young Congolese is over 30%, which forces many young people to accept precarious jobs, and therefore increases the level of poverty… ...
Republic of Congo may 2026
Training and professional integration

“Youth for Sustainable Employment” Project CHAD

« To recover stronger from COVID-19, the role of youth in the Sahel is expected to be crucial. While this generation is actively committed to meeting the challenge, structural constraints… ...
Chad march 2026

"Education, Experimentation, Learning" Program

After 25 years of experimentation in the field, ESSOR is now known for its expertise in the field of education. The Covid-19 crisis, which has led to school closures, is… ...
Multipays june 2024
Training and professional integration

"Training Integration Innovation" Programme

After 25 years of experimentation in the field, ESSOR is now recognized for its know-how in the field of social and professional integration of young people. In both the North… ...
Multipays august 2023

Early stimulation project

In Brazil, more than 9 million children aged 0 to 6 years live in very poor families, in difficult conditions which have a significant impact on the physical and mental… ...
Brazil June 2021

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The life story of Alladoum in Chad

Alladoum is 27 years old and lives in Moundou, Chad’s second largest city in the south of the country. He stopped studying after the baccalaureate due to lack of financial […]