Through its projects, ESSOR and its partners support producers in the agro-ecological transition, particularly through the implementation of Participatory Agricultural Training (PAT) programmes but also through the structuring of market gardening sectors in peri-urban areas.

When a participatory certification system was set up for the agroecological market gardening sector in Maputo (GSP), a set of specifications was drawn up and the producers committed themselves to respecting it in order to benefit from the label. However, the specifications were not detailed enough in view of the variety of possible practices and did not make it possible to follow the evolution of the appropriation of agroecological practices by producers. 

An evaluation grid for the level of adoption of agro-ecological practices was therefore created in collaboration with our Mozambican partner ABIODESto measure more precisely and objectively the conversion of producers to agro-ecology. This tool is based on a series of themes (water management, diseases and pests, fertility, etc.), with different criteria and levels for each theme, ranging from “bad” (red card) to “very good” (green card). Initially tested in Mozambique in Maputo and Nampula, this tool is gradually being transferred to the other ESSOR intervention zones. It will not only support the implementation of a participatory certification system, but will also facilitate and improve the support provided to producers by technical teams in the field. ESSOR will first capitalise on the use of this tool before sharing it with other NGOs working on similar themes

Analyse du niveau d’application des pratiques agroécologiques par les maraîchers leaders au Congo Brazzaville

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