RESET Project

Training and professional integration
  • 19 monthsnovember 2022-may 2024
  • Guinea Bissau

Contribute to strengthening the effectiveness of the education system and technical and vocational training in Guinea-Bissau.

Places of intervention

Guinea Bissau
  • Biombo
  • Bissau

Taking into account the extent of the needs in Guinea-Bissau, in the absence of a national strategy, ESSOR has been developing training and vocational insertion activities in Guinea-Bissau since 1997.

Over the years, ESSOR has identified several factors that make it difficult for vulnerable young people to enter the labour market: the lack of opportunities to access the labour market for young people without a network, access to training that excludes young people from suburban neighbourhoods or the low employability of vulnerable young people who do not necessarily have the “codes” of corporate skills.

In recent years, a new scheme including innovative actions has been tested and implemented in the EAO (Escola de Artes et Oficios), a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) which has become a strategic partner. This system responds to the challenges of training and integration of young people while strengthening the VTC. This approach aims to improve the employability of vulnerable youth. The RESET project intends to continue and strengthen these actions in close partnership with the VTC.

Our engagements

  • Improve the professional integration and the creation of independent enterprises of young people through Ad Hoc, technical-professional and human training, as well as classical training within the EAO.

  • Strengthen the quality and management of the EAO centre.

The project in action

  • Identify and mobilise young people without economic activity who will benefit from the training
  • Identify, with the private sector, young employees who will benefit from training
  • Involve young people from the Biombo region, a rural outlying area of Bissau
  • Carry out training courses
  • Follow-up of young people (home visits, job counselling services, etc.)
  • Disseminate Employment Orientation Office (EOO) services within the VTC
  • Support the integration of young people through a monitoring and evaluation system
  • Support young people in launching and consolidating an entrepreneurial activity
  • Mobilize the private sector: identifying their needs, hosting internships or jobs, etc.
  • Train teams on methodologies
  • ...
The nugget !

Incubators to promote self-employment! The project will not only provide vocational training but also entrepreneurship training through incubators that will be made available within the VTC. This new approach will not only prepare young people to implement sustainable economic activities, but also put the responsibility for preparing young self-entrepreneurs in the hands of the VTC. We are talking about an innovative approach that should be replicated in order to strengthen this essential sector that is strongly linked to the socio-economic development of young people in the districts.

I trained as a waitress. A lot has changed in my life. Human Formation has taught me to be more tolerant towards others. I am happier every day. Now, when I wake up in the morning, I’m happy to know I’m going to work! The changes are visible and felt within my family. Today, I help buy basic food with my husband, an electrician. I want to continue my studies and dream of having my own restaurant.
Leonilde 37 years old Guinea-Bissau, Bissau

Some data...

  • 120 vulnerable young people trained
  • 80 young employees receive technical and vocational training
  • 200 young people in training in the VTC benefit from the services of the EOO
  • 100 young people participate in self-employment training in incubators set up within the EAO VTC

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Operational Partners

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