“Training Insertion Innovation 2” Program

Training and professional integration
  • 36 monthsdecember 2023-november 2026
  • Multipays

Contribute to the socio-economic integration of vulnerable young people and to the strengthening of public-private actors in the sector through training, innovation and apprenticeships

Places of intervention

  • State of Ceára
  • State of Paraíba
  • Région Hauts de France
Guinea Bissau
  • Bissau
  • Beira
  • Maputo
  • Pemba
Republic of Congo
  • Brazzaville
  • Dolisie

The training and professional integration of young people is now a political priority for the countries, but the levels of implementation and the implementation of the various commitments do not allow for major changes, particularly in disadvantaged urban peripheral neighbourhoods. This leads to many inequalities, especially for young women, who are more impacted by the ongoing political, economic, social and climate crises.

The main challenge that ESSOR wishes to respond to through this program is to bring vulnerable young people who are far from employment, especially women, closer to the opportunities offered by technical and vocational education and training actors. To achieve this, ESSOR acts on three levels. At the youth level, with a focus on the combined strengthening of human and professional skills to remove the barriers that limit young people’s access to the labour market. At the neighbourhood level by offering a range of private and public social services nearby, with a concrete and accessible training and professional integration offer. At the level of national and international actors, by stepping up actions aimed at the formation of platforms for consultation-action.

Our engagements

  • Training vulnerable young people, especially young women, and public-private actors in the sector for socio-economic integration

  • Develop innovative systems and methodologies for vulnerable young people in a learning organization dynamic

The project in action

  • Mobilise, welcome and guide the most vulnerable women and young people through innovative schemes (Employment Training Office, Employment Guidance Office, Tool Library, etc.).
  • To offer young people Human Training modules, to enable them to develop "soft skills" and "human skills" sought after by employers
  • Implement practice-oriented vocational training, based on local labour market opportunities
  • Supporting young people in their professional integration: search for internships, creation of CVs, preparation for interviews, self-employment
  • Strengthen the methodological skills of teams and partners
  • Co-create sustainability strategies with partners and action platforms
  • Develop the training catalog for external organisations
  • ...
The nugget !

Launch of the first impact study on the economic dynamics of neighbourhoods! The goal? Identify the impact of the action of ESSOR and its partners on community economic dynamics and the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods studied. This will make it possible to analyse large-scale trends and positive (or negative) externalities of the long-term presence of projects (household vulnerability rate, employment rate in the area, development of entrepreneurship, etc.).

I went to my local BIOSP+ and became interested in the field of cameraman, because I was curious to know more. I signed up the same day! This training has brought me a lot of advantages, because I have trained in a field that was totally unknown to me and I am doing very well, because I have developed a certain passion for this field. Thanks to my dedication and determination, I was chosen to do an internship at the company where I graduated. After this internship, I found a job in a company that makes commercials, where I work as a cameraman's assistant. Today, I have a job in the field that I like and with the salary I earn, 7,000.00MT (about 100€), I can cover my expenses and contribute to some household expenses. I am also saving part of my salary because I want to continue my studies.
Victoria 22 years old Maputo, Mozambique

Some data...

  • 2 200 young people (50% of whom are women) trained in promising professions
  • 4 500 young people supported in their integration
  • 720 young people (50% of whom are women) benefit from self-employment training
  • 400 professionals (internal and external to the project) trained in ESSOR methodologies
  • 48 organisations (local associations, vocational training centres, etc.) supported
  • 300 partner companies

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