“Bab Al Amal” Project

Training and professional integration
  • 42 monthsmay 2018-october 2021
  • Chad

Promote the socio-economic integration of vulnerable young Chadians, 40% of whom are women, by setting up support services for skills training and professional integration.

Places of intervention

  • Abéché
  • Bongor
  • Moundou
  • N'Djamena
  • Sarh

In Chad, 64.2% of workers are working poor, living on less than $3.10 (PPP) per day (UNDP figure).

Employment and vocational training are among the priorities of the Chadian government. The government has committed itself to increasing the capacity of vocational training facilities, rationalising the supply of professional training by bringing it into line with the labour market, and professionalising higher education courses as part of the current National Development Programme.

The Bab Al Amal project is in line with the Chadian National Development Programme, and is a continuation of what ESSOR has already undertaken in Chad, by reinforcing the action in the existing areas of intervention and extending it to 3 new towns: Moundou, Bongor and Sarh.

Within the scope of this project, particular attention is given to the gender issue, which is thought within the framework of youth employability issues. In fact, social norms in Chad remain invisible obstacles to women’s access to professional training, but also to their entry into the labour market.  Thus, the human training / MUVA implemented in the Bab al Amal project aims to increase access to opportunities ; skills and knowledge and, finally, the development of attitudes and an awareness of oneself and one’s environment among young people, particularly women, in order to participate in their economic empowerment.

Our engagements

  • Support the government in the fight against youth unemployment

  • Promote access for young people to vocational training schemes

  • Support young people in their job search strategy

The project in action

  • Select flourishing training courses, adapted to the level of education of young people and the local labour market
  • Identify and select young people in situations of high socio-economic vulnerability
  • Offer young people a Human Training programme to enable them to develop soft skills such as communication, self-confidence and creativity, which are increasingly sought after by employers
  • Offer young people a theoretical and practical professional training programme lasting 3 to 6 months in a promising sector linked to the local economy
  • Support young people in their professional integration: looking for internships/jobs, creating CVs, preparing for job interviews, etc…
  • Train local teams and partners to ensure the sustainability of activities
  • • Participate in the synergy of actions between public and private players in the field of training and professional integration for vulnerable groups
The nugget !

Agricultural training in three sectors, offered to young people, thanks to the synergy between the TPI and AGRI sectors!

I first followed the Human Training, where I really liked the different sessions (gender relations, entrepreneurship, guidance). I chose to focus on security/guarding because I told myself that there is no job for men or women. After the training, I did my internship at the Bongor provincial hospital, then I was recruited by the NGO Doctors without Boarders (« Médecins Sans Frontières ») as a security guard! Today, I work full time as head of a post where I have several security agents under my supervision. I earn 114,000 FCFA per month (174 €, the minimum wage being around 90 €), I am proud to be able to take care of my family!
Wilsam 28 years old Bongor, Chad

Some data...

  • 852 young people (38% of whom are women) have completed vocational training
  • 595 young people (36% of whom are women), have followed a Human Training course
  • 44% (1/3 women) of young people integrated in the formal or informal labour market
  • 3 Chadian associations formed
  • 34 trained technicians/facilitators
  • 3 local platforms addressing issues related to the training and professional integration of young people have been set up
  • 1 national platform bringing together public and private players in the field of training and professional integration of young people has been formalised

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