Project “Peace, Education, Human Rights ».

  • 36 monthsjanuary 2018-décember 2020
  • Multipays

Support the civic commitment of young Chadians through actions to defend and promote rights, fight against discrimination and promote a culture of peace.

Places of intervention

  • Moundou
  • N'Djamena

In Chad, the average length of schooling for boys is 3.4 years and 1.2 years for girls. 68% of girls are married before the age of 18 (Unicef, 2013). Present in this country since 2009 through projects for the social and economic integration of underprivileged populations, ESSOR has acquired solid expertise in the implementation of concrete actions aimed at supporting Chadian civil society and strengthening the skills and know-how of young people.

On the strength of its knowledge of the field and of local actors, ESSOR has therefore set up a new action focused on the civic commitment of young people and the strengthening of local civil society, in order to defend and promote human rights, fight against discrimination and promote the culture of peace.

Our engagements

  • Reinforce young people’s knowledge, skills and know-how in the areas of citizenship, protection of rights, fight against discrimination, etc…

  • Support youths to initiate a change in behaviour

  • Contribute to reducing discriminations and violences against women and strengthening their role in the community

The project in action

  • Carry out "Citizen Journeys" (CJ) with teenagers
  • Train young people and teams to peaceful cohabitation
  • Facilitate conferences-debates on themes related to the project
  • Organise an annual Festival of Citizen Commitment
  • Create a space for discussion on women's rights
  • Carry out and publish studies on fundamental rights violations.
The nugget !

In order to give more influence to activities promoting fraternity and sorority, a festival of civic engagement was organised at the end of 2018: it brought together more than 20,000 people, 49% of whom were women. A success that was an opportunity to involve many Chadian associations, public authorities (Ministry of Women, Early Childhood Protection and National Solidarity, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Minister of Justice, etc.) and all the young people of the Citizen's Trails. The festival is an opportunity to address themes committed to the theme of fraternity and solidarity (Human Rights, the fight against violence against women, citizen involvement, etc.) through cultural mediation (dance, theatre, singing, games, etc.). This type of activity particularly highlights the commitment of young people and the involvement of Civil Society Organisations in a participatory approach.

My father abandoned my mother, my brothers and I. I became pregnant at the age of 14. I have to admit that this pregnancy was an impediment for me. There was no one to give me any advice. I grew up without any landmarks. Today, I am a seller of various articles in the town of n'Djaména. I was informed about the activities of the Citizen's Journey by my brother. This Citizen's Journey has brought light into my life. I have acquired knowledge about sexuality, my rights and duties and the world around me. In order to bring about a change in my life, I am thinking, within the next 6 months, of training myself in sewing or creating a café to sell food.
Charline 18 years old N'Djamena, Chad

Some data...

  • 100% f young people who have completed a CJ (472 teenagers, 57.2% of whom are girls) have improved their knowledge in citizenship, health and human rights.
  • 8 288 young people (55% women) took part in the Festival of Civic Commitment
  • 4 youth clubs created
  • 4 associations have replicated the training in Cohabitation Pacific

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