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  • Intervention area Brazzaville
  • Surface area 341 821 km²
  • 5,2 M inhabitants
  • 0,579 Gender Inequality Index
  • Location : Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Capital : Brazzaville
  • 35,8 % Share of employment in the agricultural sector
  • 138th/189 Human Development Index
Fortaleza João Pessoa Brazzaville Pemba Nampula Beira Maputo Sarh Abéché N’Djaména Bissau Bongor Moundou Pombai Patos Varzea Alegre Marcq en Baroeul
Republic of Congo

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Training and professional integration

"Training Insertion Innovation 2" Program

The training and professional integration of young people is now a political priority for the countries, but the levels of implementation and the implementation of the various commitments do not… ...
Multipays november 2026
Training and professional integration


The place and role of women in Central African societies are affected by major inequalities, whether within communities or in terms of access to basic services, public speaking or jobs.… ...
Republic of Congo december 2028
Training and professional integration


According to World Bank estimates, the unemployment rate for young Congolese is over 30%, which forces many young people to accept precarious jobs, and therefore increases the level of poverty… ...
Republic of Congo may 2026
Republic of Congo

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