“Training Integration Innovation” Programme

Training and professional integration
  • 36 monthsseptember 2020-august 2023
  • Multipays

Contribute to the socio-economic integration of vulnerable young people by strengthening and increasing the synergy of training and professional integration actors

Places of intervention

  • State of Ceára
  • State of Paraíba
  • N'Djamena
  • Région Hauts de France
Guinea Bissau
  • Bissau
  • Beira
  • Maputo
Republic of Congo
  • Brazzaville

After 25 years of experimentation in the field, ESSOR is now recognized for its know-how in the field of social and professional integration of young people. In both the North and the South, vulnerable urban youth are increasingly facing unemployment and family breakdown, making them particularly prone to marginalization and radicalization… Faced with this situation, this programme aims to contribute to the social and professional integration of young people, by transmitting to actors in the North and especially in the South, methodologies that have proven their effectiveness. ESSOR wishes to disclose its know-how while keeping its core business, field activities as close as possible to beneficiaries. Training and support of other actors are also at the heart of this project, in order to facilitate ownership and sustainable implementation.

Our engagements

  • Lead, with NGO partners from the North and South, innovative training and social and professional integration actions for vulnerable young people in 5 countries

  • Transmit internally and to other development actors the implementation of ESSOR’s training and insertion methodologies, which are recognised and have proven their effectiveness, while promoting collective learning

  • Contribute to the evolution of ESSOR and its partnership approach

The project in action

  • Mobilize, welcome and guide the most vulnerable women and young people through the Employment Training Offices
  • Offer young people Human Training modules, to enable them to develop the “know-how”, “human skills” sought by employers
  • Set up professional training courses of 3 to 6 months, focused on practice, depending on the opportunities of the local labor market
  • Support young people in their professional integration: finding internships, writing CVs, preparing for interviews, self-employment
  • Creation of a Training Division at headoffice: identify and train a pool of “expert” trainers, set up an internal and external training system (reference framework for the transmission of ESSOR methodologies)
  • Structure relations with Southern partners through an evolving partnership pathway
The nugget !

Fight against the illiteracy of young people ! In Congo, 13 young people who dropped out of school early can now benefit from an upgrade in French in parallel with their vocational training. These courses, given every Wednesday and Saturday at the Employment Training Office, are a real godsend for these young people. Indeed, literacy is an essential prerequisite in training centres ; being illiterate thus represents an insurmountable barrier for these young people. True to its desire to integrate the most vulnerable, ESSOR intends to give this chance again for at least 20% of the beneficiaries, i.e. 1 in 5 young people, throughout the project in Congo. At the end of the project, there will therefore be at least 66 young people, 50% of whom are women, who will benefit from this privileged support. Congo. No final do projecto, pelo menos 66 jovens, 50% das quais mulheres, beneficiarão deste acompanhamento privilegiado.

After the professional training, ESSOR got me a 3-month internship in a company. My human skills brought me to the point where I was very appreciated, the people in charge saw something different in me. They thought I had worked before and the general manager noticed this, after a while he decided to consider me a worker. That’s how I realized that I could go further if I was still training, so I trained in HR, logistics and deepened my knowledge in accounting. Thanks to my behaviour, skills, abilities and know-how, the general manager asked me to be his assistant and to manage one of the sites.
Girel 29 years old Brazzaville, Congo

Some data...

  • 1301 young people (60% of whom are women) have completed a professional training
  • 781 women have followed a Human Training course
  • 205 young people trained in self-employment
  • 21 Training Centers reinforced
  • 105 partner companies

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