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  • Intervention area N’Djaména, Moundou, Bongor, Sarh, Abéché
  • Surface area 1 284 200 km²
  • 15,5 M inhabitantes
  • 22,3% Literacy rate
  • Location : Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Capital : N'Djaména
  • 54 years life expectancy at birth
  • 187th/189 Human Development Index
Fortaleza João Pessoa Brazzaville Pemba Nampula Beira Maputo Sarh Abéché N’Djaména Bissau Bongor Moundou Pombai Patos Varzea Alegre Marcq en Baroeul

Our related projects


"Education, Experimentation, Learning" Program

After 25 years of experimentation in the field, ESSOR is now known for its expertise in the field of education. The Covid-19 crisis, which has led to school closures, is… ...
Multipays june 2024
Training and professional integration

"Training Integration Innovation" Programme

After 25 years of experimentation in the field, ESSOR is now recognized for its know-how in the field of social and professional integration of young people. In both the North… ...
Multipays august 2023

"Particip'action" programme

In Mozambique, 52% of children under the age of 5 are not registered within the civil registry.It’s 76% in Guinea-Bissau and 88% in Chad. Access to essential services such as… ...
Multipays March 2022
Training and professional integration

"TPI Action" programme

In the world, 22% of young people are neither in school, nor in employment, nor in training. (IECD, 2019) Vocational training is a major challenge to enable the population to… ...
Multipays 2020
Training and professional integration

"Bab Al Amal" Project

In Chad, 64.2% of workers are working poor, living on less than $3.10 (PPP) per day (UNDP figure). Employment and vocational training are among the priorities of the Chadian government.… ...
Chad october 2021
Agricultural development

"Agri-Challenge" programme

The world urban population is now largerthan the rural population: 66% in Congo, 43% in Guinea Bissau, 35% in Mozambique, and 23% in Chad (World Bank, 2017). Urban agriculture plays… ...
Multipays September 2021

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