“TPI Action” programme

Training and professional integration
  • 36 months2017-2020
  • Multipays

Facilitate sustainable access to training and professional integration of vulnerable young people through work involving local actors (NGOs, associations, leaders, etc.), companies and public authorities.

Places of intervention

  • State of Ceára
  • State of Paraíba
  • Moundou
  • N'Djamena
  • Sarh
Guinea Bissau
  • Bissau
  • Beira
  • Maputo
  • Pemba
Republic of Congo
  • Brazzaville

In the world, 22% of young people are neither in school, nor in employment, nor in training. (IECD, 2019)

Vocational training is a major challenge to enable the population to be more autonomous and to escape from extreme poverty in a sustainable way. In developing countries, many young people are looking for work and a large number of sectors are struggling to find qualified local staff.

This incompatibility between labour supply and demand calls into question vocational training that is not adapted to the needs of enterprises, too theoretical or based on sectors that are already overcrowded.

To enable young people to achieve their full potential, ESSOR is developing innovative Human and Professional Training pathways that enable young people to develop their personal and professional skills, and to integrate socially and economically in fields that are in line with the needs of the local labour markets.

Our engagements

  • Improve the quality of training and the integration of vulnerable young people

  • Strengthen the relationship between training professionals and enterprises

  • Strengthen links between Northern and Southern NGOs

The project in action

  • Select the most suitable courses for both the level of education of young people and the labour market
  • Identify and select young people in situations of high socio-economic vulnerability
  • Offer young people Human Training modules, to enable them to develop soft-skills : « life skills" and "human skills" sought after by employers
  • Set up 3 to 6 months practice-oriented vocational trainings, depending on local labour market opportunities
  • Accompany young people in their professional integration: close individual follow-up, support in the search for opportunities, resume preparation workshop, interview preparation workshop, contact with companies, mapping of companies and job opportunities in the neighbourhoods, etc…
  • Train local teams and partners to ensure the sustainability of activities
  • To organise local forums for dialogue on TPI with public, private and associative actors in the Training and Vocational Integration sector
The nugget !

ESSOR has bet on the human training of young people! Training centres and company managers are convinced that technical skills are not enough to integrate and flourish in the professional world "Soft" skills (communication, self-confidence, creativity) are increasingly sought after. ESSOR, in partnership with the MUVA programme, has therefore integrated "Human Training" sessions into the training and integration programme, the aim of which is to enable young people to develop interpersonal skills (ability to work in a team, control of emotions, ability to adapt, etc.). This training is specifically designed to address gender issues and deconstruct stereotypes linked to the world of work: a woman can become an electrician, and a man can become a childcare worker... The young people who have attended these sessions have more self-confidence, especially women ; have seriously matured their professional project ; and are more comfortable in interpersonal relationships, which favours their integration into the world of work.

I learned a lot during Human Training, and today I am a different person. During the career guidance module, I was a bit confused but I ended up choosing the civil construction training. Some colleagues said that it was a course for men and not for women, but I decided to choose what I wanted to do. Today, I'm doing an internship in a construction company and I have the opportunity to work with several professionals who already have a lot of experience. I'm learning a lot of new things and I think that one day I could become a site manager.
Marcia Joaquim José 22 years old Mozambique

Some data...

  • 1 644 young people (48% of whom are women) have completed a vocational training
  • 1 241 young people (69% of whom are women) have followed a Human Training course
  • 432 young people trained in self-employment
  • 19 local associations/NGOs supported
  • 11 Training Centres reinforced

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