"Child, rich in potential, is at the heart of educational projects which ESSOR carries out with its partners."


Educational projects were among ESSOR's founding actions in the underprivileged communities of Brazil in the late 1980s, and in Mozambique since 2000. They correspond to Millennium Objective 2: “To provide elementary education for all; that is : to give girls and boys the means to complete a full cycle of elementary studies”.


Through an interactive pedagogical model, ESSOR and its partners strive to take the time to understand the learning process of children and the universe they live in, in order to create a connection between them and the adult world. Projects are based on strengthening the capabilities of those involved locally: schools and associations.

Our action :

socio-educational programs to improve the social integration of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability.

And also: literacy for women to promote and strengthen their skills.

Our three areas of intervention :

- Early Childhood: nursery classes and early socialization action.

- Childhood: socio-educational activities and tutoring.

- Adolescence: cultural activities, sports and civic education.

And also in France, each year ESSOR awareness over 1,000 children and young people in solidarity.


Our methodology :

- Proximity to beneficiaries

- Involvement of local actors

- Peer-to-peer education

- Professional work

- Transparency

Our challenges :

- Establish effective partnerships with governments

- Maintain socio-educational vocation of structures

- Sustaining and empower action

- Capitalization of know-how

Publications of ESSOR and its partners :

- "The citizen course: from dream to action" ESSOR, France, 2012

- "15 years of Educational Practices in Brazil and Mozambique," ESSOR, Evaluation Sud, Brazil, 2012
- " Project of child development stimulation" Gacc, Brazil, 2009


To view the publications, please visit the website: / practices

New in 2014 : Evaluation of Education Convention Program "Strengthening and dissemination of knowledge in education and socialization of children and adolescents".

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