Vocational training and access to employment


Since its creation, in July 1992, ESSOR performs with its NGO partners, actions aimed at improving income families from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Among these actions, vocational training courses and support for integration into the labor market are also available through a service called : Office Training Employment (BFE : Bureau Formation Emploi in french).

The problem of unemployment, particularly among young people, has become a major challenge for many countries.

In Mozambique, for example, young people (15-29 years) represent 27.5% of the total population and despite sustained economic growth, youth unemployment reached a level of concern, especially in urban areas, and thus constitutes a danger to social stability.

ESSOR occurs in areas where a high degree of poverty and unemployment are combined with:
- A low index of economically active population and (or) with paid work

- A young population with low levels of education and professional qualification 

An imbalance between supply and job search

A very large informal market

We also note a low level of collaboration between the different actors involved in the process of vocational training and access to employment: population coming from low-income areas, community organizations, NGOs, government agencies, businesses.

The objectives of the ESSOR in this area are :

- Improving access to vocational training and internships for young people;

- Improved integration of young people in decent employment or self-employment;

- Strengthening consultation capacities of stakeholders concerning by the issue of employment, in order to facilitate the definition of policies to support the socio-economic integration that incorporate a strong element of partnership between public and private actors.

Students bring a symbolic financial contribution to their training (between 5 and 10% of total cost). The concept of accountability is indeed important in the vocational training and access to employment.

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