Our Mission


In 1992, returning from a mission to Brazil with Interaide a French NGO, professionals of development create the ESSOR association, which continues its actions in this country by supporting the creation or strengthening of Brazilian associations. Recognized for his work, ESSOR starts actions in Mozambique in 1997, Cape Verde in 2006, Guinea Bissau and Chad in 2009.


ESSOR aims to help the poorest populations to acquire the means to improve their living. Its support is based on the design and implementation of concrete actions to facilitate the appropriation of local development processes. These actions promote the exercise of citizenship and social justice in the countries concerned.Values ​​and principles

1.     ESSOR meets demand from local populations. It seeks to reach the poorest populations in urban and rural areas by giving priority to economic and social inclusion actions.

2.     ESSOR emphasizes research or the establishment of local community organizations, which may be the program support points and then their subsequent relay.  Together with achievements, the association leads a work of training and community organization to sustain activities. For any new project, the association is aware that it is committed over several years.

3.     ESSOR acts in strict neutrality and respect of the convictions of beneficiaries. It defines specific programs before seeking the necessary funds.

4.  ESSOR promotes proximity with local partners and beneficiaries and shares his experience with many individuals, associations and institutions.


ESSOR is currently conducting 18 projects in partnership with local associations. Each project is coordinated by an expatriate manager and accompanied by a technical expert of headquarters
which conducts regular field missions.

Law 1901 association, ESSOR is under the responsibility of a Board of Directors. Financial management is subject to review by an External Auditor.